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Wireless in Gentoo works

Tiger Soldier posted @ 2009年9月01日 00:22 in linux with tags gentoo , 5306 阅读

 In the past my Gentoo failed to connect some wireless connection.

Today I run wpa_cli to check what the problem is, and saw this message: ``Association request to the driver failed''. It's obvious that I didn't install WEP driver.

So I enable the following option, and recompile the kernel:

    Device Drivers  --->
[*] Network device support  --->
      Wireless LAN  --->
<*>   IEEE 802.11 for Host AP (Prism2/2.5/3 and WEP/TKIP/CCMP)

After rebooting my Gentoo, the wireless network is successfully connected!

BTW: my pygtk doesn't work and I can't use ibus, so it's written in English :(

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